We left Ceduna fairly early, with a shorter drive today up to the Gawler Ranges. It wasn’t far to Minnipa, less than two and a half hours and then we hit unsealed road. It gradually got worse and worse, more and more corrugated and rutted - we had a lot of fun on our first basic 4WDing experience (well with me as driver anyhow!). We hadn’t seen any other cars yet so I was a bit concerned, but at the same time thrilled, that we would be alone out here. 

We finally saw another couple of cars and spoke to one of the guys and said we were staying at Waganny campground that night. He said he and his wife and friends were staying there one more night too, and we would see his van there, a little A frame camper trailer. 


We toured around, visiting Old Paney Homestead (the kids were creeped out a little, but it definitely gave you a look in to how tough life must have been living out here). A dead kangaroo, flies buzzing around its head greeted us near the verandah. 

Then up to Policeman’s Point, a short walk up to a gully surrounded by layers of granite. It was beautiful up there and I could have explored further but it was rather warm and the little tacker was whinging, so we walked the 1km back to the car.


The scenic drive was like meandering through a safari. We were only going about 20-30km/hr as the road was quite bad in sections and very curvy. Kangaroos and emus were everywhere. It was amazing. I’ll have to try and find some of Toby’s photos that he took of the wildlife. 

We ventured into our campground and picked a spot and set up for the night. The kids spent the afternoon riding their bikes and I lay my in my chair under the car awning, read a little and finally started to write this blog! Ahhhh…no other people, no caravan park, no vans lined up like sardines next to each other. Just beautiful surroundings and the sound of birds in the trees. Bliss. 

I spent the evening finally having some adult company and conversations around the fire, while the kids rode their bikes into the night. Sleep returned to me in our cosy little tent.